Why InvisiTasking?

Since the 1960s, the scheduler in the operating system has been considered sacred and untouchable. In view of the dramatic shift in the balance of performance (CPU vs. memory vs. disk vs. network) since then, one of our senior technologists questioned this and opened a whole new world of possibilities. A thorough worldwide patent search confirmed that InvisiTasking is an entirely new concept in computer resource scheduling. What we have developed is the most revolutionary development in computer programming in decades. It enables a program with zero impact on other processesno overhead! 

SDK Integration Process:

  1. Sign NDA and receive SDK and demo tools.
  2. Conduct initial test code implementation with our technical team ensuring your success.
  3. Using the InvisiTasking SDK source code analysis tools, determine the proper locations for InvisiTasking Service calls in your application.
  4. Test the restructured code on representative hardware platforms.
  5. Finalize Licensing Agreement.
  6. Release Product – Grow your market share!
InvisiTasking on Defragmentation and Antivirus Scanning
InvisiTasking on File Copy and Prime Number Generation


InvisiTasking is far more advanced than any previous low priority I/O approaches that do “I/O throttling” in an effort to reduce resource conflict.



  • Zero program overhead – REALLY!

  • Field proven on millions of computers

  • Straightforward integration

  • Windows® OS platform support back to Win2K-SP4

  • Hardware support for all x86 and x64 platforms plus Itanium®

InvisiTasking – How it Works

Instead of letting the operating system scheduler allocate the entire computer system to each process, one at a time, in round-robin fashion, InvisiTasking causes the system to allocate its various resources (CPU, memory, disk and network) separately to the processes that need each one. This allows overlapping use of separate resources, not just reducing system overhead, but eliminating it altogether!